At Dingles Steam Village there are many examples of both road and industrial steam engines and early petrol and diesel machines housed in large buildings where they are at work. Opportunities for hands on experience are all part of a visit to Dingles A wealth of working and static vintage machinery
Fred Dibnah
"The best working steam collection I have seen"
The 19th and early 20th Centuries saw steam power supreme in industry, shipping and transport. This amazing silent power source produced by boiling water exness app download for pc was killed off by the power of the oil lobby. Unfortunately, the greenhouse gases from oil have replaced the water vapour from steam engines. On the road and on farms, the engines we have working were the forerunners of today's heavy lorries and tractors.
Loads of 50 tonnes, greater than permitted today, were common. Pride of manufacture and ownership resulted in highly polished machines which often had a life of 50 years. The fairground soon recognised the merit of one steam engine pulling the fair from place to place and generating electricity for the rides. These exness download pc engines are now highly prized and fetch more than most houses.

Many firms built steam engines but a few grew to be the major suppliers. Aveling & Porter from Rochester, Fowler of Leeds, Marshall of Gainsborough, Garrett of Leiston, Suffolk and Burrell of Thetford were the most well known and all are represented at Dingles Steam Village. Burrells whilst the smallest of the 'big boys' have the greatest percentage of their product surviving and over half the collection are Burrells; four steam rollers, one traction engine, one road locomotive and three showman's engines.

Dingles owned over a hundred steam engines over the years and forty five still exist of which seven are here. There are also examples of early petrol and diesel engined machines and a 1918 Leyland lorry is displayed which has been owned by Dingles since it was new. This was the first restoration which Richard carried out 30 years ago and it is now ready for another one. If he lives to be 1000 he may get everything done!

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