At Dingles Steam Village there are many examples of both road and industrial steam engines and early petrol and diesel machines housed in large buildings where they are at work. Opportunities for hands on experience are all part of a visit to Dingles Experience the olde worlde charm of fairgrounds and signposts
Fred Dibnah
"The best working steam collection I have seen"
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In 1964 all county councils were ordered exness to replace their signs with standard ones throughout the country. Many early signs were very individual to the district and most were scrapped. However Stuart Hands collected boundary signs from most English Councils and many signpost arms and top finials all with their own character, to make this unique display. Several early warning signs are also included and some seem clearer than those used today. The collection is still growing and further items are always welcome.


Fairground Art

Dragons, seahorses, mythological figures and racing cars - the fairground decorator's imagination exness sign up runs riot in a colourful display of fairground art at Dingles Steam Village.

Put together by Hull-born enthusiast Michael Smith it features examples of this popular native art form covering well over a century.

The basis of the Exhibition is Michael's own extensive collection backed up by other collectors and showmen who have generously loaned exhibits.

Said to be the finest surviving example of British Fairground decoration, belonging to Peter Tei of Derby, the complete front from A.C. Clowes' (later George Heath's) shooting gallery is displayed portraying a Ben Hur Chariot Race painted by Lakin's senior decorator, Edwin Hall, in 1949.

Ben Hur Chariot Race by Edwin Hall 1949
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